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Summer Family Road Trip without Hassle

Summer is almost here, making now the perfect time to plan a summer road trip. Maybe you decide to drive to your destination instead of fly, or maybe you want to head out on the open road. Turn to the tips below to plan the perfect summer road trip.

Get Your Car Road Trip Ready

You want to get your car, truck, or RV road trip ready at least a few weeks before your trip. Start off with the basic repairs and maintenance, such as scheduling necessary tune-up and oil change. Make sure that your tires are sound, check to see if they need to be rotated, and make sure you have a spare tire and a tire repair kit. Invest in or update your emergency car kit. Last but not least, since you will be spending long periods of time in your car-you must make sure that your exhaust system is operating properly. This will improve your fuel efficiency, performance, and emissions.

Plan Your Route

In most cases, you have at least a general idea of where you want to go. Head online to explore at least a few different routes, and to see if there is any roadwork or other factors that might affect travel routes and times. If you have the time to spare, schedule some cushion into your trip so that you can enjoy the scenery and the local attractions you find along the way.

A road trip is the most exciting form of excursion that you can take. If you have not been on a road trip earlier, now is the time you should do it; it is now or never! Although it is important to enjoy the journey, it is equally essential to be safe. Before you leave your house, read below to have a safe drive for you and your family and friends.

Sleep well before the journey

After completing the entire formalities of taking a Self-Drive Car on rent, now you need to proceed for the real trip. However, before you begin your drive, all the members of your group need to take a good night’s sleep, especially the driving person. People often depend on caffeinated drinks or beer to stay awake. While alcohol is a strict no-no while driving, caffeinated drinks also do not help for long. When the effect of coffee or beer vanishes, you start feeling drowsy again. Therefore, it is better to have slept well so that you do not need any such drinks frequently.

Before you head out, find a few relevant travel apps. Your travel goals will help to determine the type of apps that are of most value. For example, if you will be camping out-find an app that locates your nearest campgrounds. Dining apps are always helpful, and activity apps will help to fill up your free time. A few great road trip apps include:


Lonely Planet


Summer road trips create lasting memories with your friends, family, and significant other. Start by getting your vehicle road trip ready a few weeks in the advance-then pack for perfection. Head to your mechanic for the essentials or head to an online muffler wholesaler to upgrade your exhaust system.

Athens: 3 Luxurious Hotels for Business Travelers

Greece is famous all over the world for its wonderful islands and mild climate. The capital of this country – Athens, simply should be visited at least once in life. Athens is considered to be one of the oldest cities in the world, and it offers a unique chance to experience the amazing and incomparable charm of antiquity. Well, a business trip is a great way to feel it. Before you start searching for a suitable hotel, you need to keep in mind that most top-class hotels for businessmen are usually located in the center of Athens, and the prices for rooms are relatively low compared to the hotels of the capitals of most countries of the world.

Get ready to check out the best 5-star hotels in Athens that have preserved a piece of the ancient Greek history, and which can be certainly recommended for business travelers. Do you want to find them quickly? Then use enterprise rent a car in Athens to get an advantage when getting around the city…

Hotel Grande Bretagne

Exterior Night, Hotel Grande Bretagne

(photo by Hotel Grande Bretagne)

According to the authoritative tourist resource Tripadvisor, Hotel Grande Bretagne was included into the top-list of the best luxury hotels in Europe. It’s located in the heart of Athens, right on Syntagma Square and is considered to be the historical property of the city. The hotel was built in 1872 and has not changed its location for 146 years. The building of the hotel has withstood two world wars, the time of the military junta and remains one of the most magnificent buildings in Athens to this day.

In 2002, there was a large-scale reconstruction, but the designers have preserved the centuries-old charm and luxurious style of Hotel Grande Bretagne. For a comfortable stay, guests have an indoor pool, a heated outdoor pool, fitness studio, several banquet rooms, a hair salon and a magnificent spa. On the roof, there is a summer garden and a restaurant where visitors can enjoy delicious Mediterranean cuisine and admire the panorama of Acropolis. Also, the hotel features a large conference room for business travelers, as well as several mini-offices for negotiations and other business events.

GB Outdoor Pool

(photo by Hotel Grande Bretagne)

Among the most famous people who stayed there are Queen Victoria, oceanographer Jacques Cousteau, opera singer Maria Callas, actresses Elizabeth Taylor, Sophia Loren and Greta Garbo, director Francis Ford Coppola, musicians Sting, David Bowie and Jay-Z and many others. The hotel is rightly considered to be a real diamond of the city and one of the most suitable places for business travelers.

Address: 1, Syntagma Square, Vasileos Georgiou A str, Athens

Price of accommodation: from $400/night


The Margi, Vouliagmeni

The Margi Hotel in Athens Vouliagmeni

(photo by The Margi Boutique Hotel)

When checking out Athens’ 5-star hotels, the exclusive Margi boutique hotel deserves special attention. It’s located on the Athenian Riviera Vouliagmeni in the southern part of the city. The decoration of the hotel is made in a cozy Mediterranean style. The luxurious minimalist interior of the boutique hotel blends harmoniously with the peaceful atmosphere of a comfortable seaside area.

Malabar Pool at The Margi

(photo by Travelive Photos)

Just a few steps away you will find the best Athens beaches, where you can enjoy yachting or a lot of other water sports. The huge territory of the Margi features a fitness center, a chic Malabar Mediterranean Restaurant, a spacious outdoor pool and a bar with snacks and soft drinks.

Within walking distance you’ll find Vouliagmeni resort area with excellent beaches, cafes, clubs and restaurants. The Margi provides 89 chic rooms and suites with balconies and panoramic windows, and is famous for its excellent cuisine and the top-class amenities. The rooms and suites at Margi are elegantly decorated in a classic style with elements of colonial decor. If you have a business trip to Athens, this hotel will be a perfect option to sip a cooling cocktail by the pool and make your business trip as effective as possible.

Address: Litous 11, Vouliagmeni 166 71, Athens

Price of accommodation: from $380/night


Astir Palace Beach Resort

Exterior view 1 - The Westin Athens Astir Palace Resort, Athens

(photo by Astir)

Situated in the southern part of Athens, Astir Palace Beach Resort is an elegant hotel featuring a modern design and decorated with soft color shades. There are several excellent restaurants that are ideal for a business-lunch: Matsuhisa Athens, Kymata Restaurant, and Galazia Hytra are among them.

Within a few minutes’ drive from the hotel you’ll find the elite suburb of Glyfada, where you can visit the wonderful cafes, luxury boutiques and the most popular bars and clubs in the city.

The hotel offers a spa, fitness center, children’s playground, business lounge and a large number of VIP shops. For the fans of active recreation, an Olympic swimming pool is provided. The local water sports center offers such activities as water skiing, wakeboarding, water parachuting, windsurfing, tennis, basketball, volleyball and mini football. Those who want to enjoy sunbathing can go to the beautiful private beach.

Lobby - The Westin Athens Astir Palace Resort, Athens

(photo by Astir)

Picturesque landscapes and exclusive location make rest in Astir Palace Beach Resort unforgettable and comfortable. Each of the 162 rooms has a separate balcony with magnificent views of the Aegean Sea and Saronic Gulf.

Address: Apollonos street 40, Vouliagmeni 166 71, Athens

Price of accommodation: from $260/night

Athletic Club Omonia Nicosia: A brief walk through the history

There’s a reason that
football has been called a beautiful game, and the reason is the sheer
popularity and fan loyalty that it has accumulated over decades, ranging from
every country to every continent of the world. Similarly, in Cyprus, AC Omonoia
Nicosia has become the heart and soul of people residing there. Grown from a
state of civil unrest in 1948, the club went on to become the local sweetheart
of the people residing in the country. However, the club has not been able to
gain international fame due to various financial and athletic setbacks.

History of
the Club

In 1948, with the
political and athletic reforms sweeping the shores of the island nation of
Cyprus, the political scenario in Nicosia heated up with the club’s board
members on the line with the rival apoel. With the Nation Killing Mutiny that
gained momentum in the country, propelled with the communist struggle being
waged with the persisting British Monarchy in the Greek economy. The football
club got caught up in the middle of all the struggle being pursued in the

With the going
conditions being drastically far from the official statues and principles of
the club, several the athletes made a unanimous decision of boycotting the club
altogether and other pleaded the plight of barring politics for the grounds.
The athletes presented a common view that the admission be limited to the non-communist
Greeks, which in turn brings us to the formulation of the Athletic Club Omonia
Nicosia, on 4th June 1948.
That was the day when the club cam be to be known as the most powerful
entity in the island nation of Cyprus.

Sporting Events Held by the Club

The Athletic Club
Omonia Nicosia has several stadiums and sporting grounds to its name including
the GSP Stadium, Makario Stadium, Lefkotheo, and Eleftheria Indoor Hall,
wherein the players make and break the historical records. The major sports
being played on the home grounds including football, basketball, volleyball,
futsal, table tennis, cycling, bowling, archery, water polo, archery, amongst
many others. The major sporting events hosted in the past, which have brought
the home grounds in the lime light include;

Cypriot Super Cup

– UEFA Europa League
group stage matches

– Domestic league

These all rake in the
spectators, pouring in to support the club and the various participating players
in it. The large number of travellers thronging the city has, in a way, created
a corresponding hospitality industry as well.

Major Travel
Amenities Available for the Spectators

Apart from being the
home of birth place of the Athletic Club Omonia Nicosia, the country is also
home to the major sporting events hosted by club throughout the season. The
wide range spectators and supporters in a way presents for the need for car
rental services to be up and running effectively in the area. Some of the
credible names capitalizing on the trade include;


  1. Sixt
    Rent a Car
  2. Cyprus
    Car Rental
  3. Kyrenia
    Car Hire Ltd.
  4. ASTRA
    Self Drive Cars Ltd.
  5. Yourway
    Cyprus Car Hire


There are a wide
variety of options available to the individuals seeking to make their travel
all that easier and convenient. Given the long history of the club and the
range of sporting events being hosted, Nicosia as the capital of Cyprus is a
must visit for travellers.

Troodos For Family Travellers

A vacation is one of the moments that everyone looks forward to. However, it goes without saying that a vacation can also be the most hectic part of the year. This is because in addition to the travel plans and reservations that need to be made, a travel plan has to be made too. The latter may be a little difficult especially if you are travelling to a new place that you do not fully know about. In such a case, having a travel partner is very important. Troodos Mountains is a popular destination for tourists visiting Cyprus. In addition to Troodos Mountains, there is also Troodos Museum in the area that is also a popular destination. 

Travel to Troodos

Since Troodos area is one of the most popular tourist sites, there are always many tourists in the area for most times of the year. It is for this reason that there are congestions and other inconveniences that may occur when you travel with your car. Due to the large number of tourists that leave their cars behind, there are many car hire companies in Troodos to ensure that you are comfortable during your stay. Below are some of the tips to consider when looking for Troodos car rental;

The registration of the car

In Troodos, all the cars that are licensed and registered under car hire companies have red number plates. This is an important tip when looking to hire a car in Troodos. This way, you are able to void being scammed and robbed.

The age of the car

In most cases, Troodos car rentals rent cars that are not older than 5 years, but some rent cars that are up to 10 years old. The age of the car is an important detail because it determines the condition of the car. This in turn determines the safety of you and your loved ones when on the road.

Traffic rules in Troodos

In as much as many people prefer to rent cars, most time they prefer to rent the car alone, without the driver. This may be disastrous especially if you are not conversant with the traffic rules in Troodos. Here are some of the tips to ensure you are safe on the roads of Troodos;

You are only allowed to use a phone hands-free. Violation of this rule can lead to a fine of up to $85.

Children that are less than 10 years of age should not travel in the front seat of the car. In addition to that, they should travel in a special seat for kids.

Everyone should wear a seatbelt when travelling.


Troodos Mountains and Troodos Museum are some of the most popular tourist destinations in Cyprus. Going on a vacation with your own car may be hectic and this is why there are many Troodos car rental service providers in the area. Your choice of car depends on the cost and your personal preference. An additional tip when choosing a car to rent, ensure that you carefully go tough the conditions and terms. Do not hesitate to ask any questions when you are at it. This ensures that you are fully aware of what is expected of you when you hire the car you have chosen.

Kourion Museum Cyprus



Destroyed by an earthquake in 365 B.C, Kourion Archaeological Museum stands upon a limestone peninsula some 100m tall, today as one of Cyprus’ most important combinations of city and kingdom. Discoveries over many decades have uncovered many findings which we will leave to you to uncover.

It is interesting to note that the museum is located on the private residence of George McFadden, Assistant Director of the University of Pennsylvania who significantly led a research team between 1934 and 1953 with the goal of uncovering history in Kourion.

The site is quite tricky to find, so the easiest way to find your way here is through Cyprus car rental.


The museum first opened its doors in 1969 and comprises of two halls containing various exhibits, including Bronze age pottery, golden jewelry, and several other historical artifacts. Possibly the most daunting, but must-see part of the experience would be the remains of residents who tragically lost their lives in the earthquake of the 4th century.

The city of Kourion, and indeed the Kourion Archaeological Site, is UNESCO World Heritage Site listed. The site is open Monday until Friday from 8 am to 3 pm, and is closed Sundays. Entry is 2.50 Euros.


As mentioned, there are two rooms within the museum which allow travelers to experience the sheer history of the site and takes them through an in-depth analysis and historical reflection of the city.

Room one is located next to the ticket office and takes guests through a step-by-step reflection of the history of Kourion. After a background of the city has been learned, the guest is then taken through the remnants of the Acropolis of Kourion, and a menacing site of the skeletons of a family who passed away during the 365 B.C earthquake.

The second room includes remains from the Sanctuary of Apollo Hylates, as well as artifacts from surrounding communities within the area of Kourion.


Families will enjoy spending a good couple of hours here, as there is plenty of history to see, and as the site is situated atop a peninsula, has panoramic views over the pristine Mediterranean Sea. Not only this, but being able to view the immense history of the city together is sure to bring a tear to the eye, and is something a family must experience as one.


To put it bluntly, parents, if you want your children to become more appreciative of their lives, this is a must. The archaeological site will make them think twice about asking for that next gaming console or expensive clothing item and is guaranteed to be a highly sobering experience for you and the kids. Remember, if you want to make the most out of your time here, it is strongly recommended to take a Cyprus car rental up here, promising a fun-filled, yet educational experience for all involved.

Reasons to visit


– Built on history, one of a kind

– Many famous archaeologists have been working to uncover history’s most hidden secrets

– Will make you appreciate the hardship experienced by those involved in the horrendous earthquake of 365 B.C.