Summer is almost here, making now the perfect time to plan a summer road trip. Maybe you decide to drive to your destination instead of fly, or maybe you want to head out on the open road. Turn to the tips below to plan the perfect summer road trip.

Get Your Car Road Trip Ready

You want to get your car, truck, or RV road trip ready at least a few weeks before your trip. Start off with the basic repairs and maintenance, such as scheduling necessary tune-up and oil change. Make sure that your tires are sound, check to see if they need to be rotated, and make sure you have a spare tire and a tire repair kit. Invest in or update your emergency car kit. Last but not least, since you will be spending long periods of time in your car-you must make sure that your exhaust system is operating properly. This will improve your fuel efficiency, performance, and emissions.

Plan Your Route

In most cases, you have at least a general idea of where you want to go. Head online to explore at least a few different routes, and to see if there is any roadwork or other factors that might affect travel routes and times. If you have the time to spare, schedule some cushion into your trip so that you can enjoy the scenery and the local attractions you find along the way.

A road trip is the most exciting form of excursion that you can take. If you have not been on a road trip earlier, now is the time you should do it; it is now or never! Although it is important to enjoy the journey, it is equally essential to be safe. Before you leave your house, read below to have a safe drive for you and your family and friends.

Sleep well before the journey

After completing the entire formalities of taking a Self-Drive Car on rent, now you need to proceed for the real trip. However, before you begin your drive, all the members of your group need to take a good night’s sleep, especially the driving person. People often depend on caffeinated drinks or beer to stay awake. While alcohol is a strict no-no while driving, caffeinated drinks also do not help for long. When the effect of coffee or beer vanishes, you start feeling drowsy again. Therefore, it is better to have slept well so that you do not need any such drinks frequently.

Before you head out, find a few relevant travel apps. Your travel goals will help to determine the type of apps that are of most value. For example, if you will be camping out-find an app that locates your nearest campgrounds. Dining apps are always helpful, and activity apps will help to fill up your free time. A few great road trip apps include:


Lonely Planet


Summer road trips create lasting memories with your friends, family, and significant other. Start by getting your vehicle road trip ready a few weeks in the advance-then pack for perfection. Head to your mechanic for the essentials or head to an online muffler wholesaler to upgrade your exhaust system.