Troodos For Family Travellers

A vacation is one of the moments that everyone looks forward to. However, it goes without saying that a vacation can also be the most hectic part of the year. This is because in addition to the travel plans and reservations that need to be made, a travel plan has to be made too. The latter may be a little difficult especially if you are travelling to a new place that you do not fully know about. In such a case, having a travel partner is very important. Troodos Mountains is a popular destination for tourists visiting Cyprus. In addition to Troodos Mountains, there is also Troodos Museum in the area that is also a popular destination. 

Travel to Troodos

Since Troodos area is one of the most popular tourist sites, there are always many tourists in the area for most times of the year. It is for this reason that there are congestions and other inconveniences that may occur when you travel with your car. Due to the large number of tourists that leave their cars behind, there are many car hire companies in Troodos to ensure that you are comfortable during your stay. Below are some of the tips to consider when looking for Troodos car rental;

The registration of the car

In Troodos, all the cars that are licensed and registered under car hire companies have red number plates. This is an important tip when looking to hire a car in Troodos. This way, you are able to void being scammed and robbed.

The age of the car

In most cases, Troodos car rentals rent cars that are not older than 5 years, but some rent cars that are up to 10 years old. The age of the car is an important detail because it determines the condition of the car. This in turn determines the safety of you and your loved ones when on the road.

Traffic rules in Troodos

In as much as many people prefer to rent cars, most time they prefer to rent the car alone, without the driver. This may be disastrous especially if you are not conversant with the traffic rules in Troodos. Here are some of the tips to ensure you are safe on the roads of Troodos;

You are only allowed to use a phone hands-free. Violation of this rule can lead to a fine of up to $85.

Children that are less than 10 years of age should not travel in the front seat of the car. In addition to that, they should travel in a special seat for kids.

Everyone should wear a seatbelt when travelling.


Troodos Mountains and Troodos Museum are some of the most popular tourist destinations in Cyprus. Going on a vacation with your own car may be hectic and this is why there are many Troodos car rental service providers in the area. Your choice of car depends on the cost and your personal preference. An additional tip when choosing a car to rent, ensure that you carefully go tough the conditions and terms. Do not hesitate to ask any questions when you are at it. This ensures that you are fully aware of what is expected of you when you hire the car you have chosen.